About us

Open Social Resources is a non-profit devoted to improving the community through software.

Check out our first project: the Website Template Project. The Website Template Project makes it easier for small business owners to get started with a web presence.

Who we are

Mohammed Abouzahr, PhD

Mohammed started Open Social Resources with a vision to thrive by helping communities flourish. Apart from OSR, Mohammed enjoys spending time with loved ones, cooking, and logic puzzles.

Grey Abouzahr

Outreach & Support Specialist
Grey joined the OSR team out of a desire to empower and strengthen local communities. Outside of her role at OSR, Grey enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading, and spending quality time with friends and family.


Director of Chicken Jerky
Bumi is happy to share his expertise in support of eating things he's not supposed to his community. In addition to getting belly rubs his time at OSR, Bumi loves nomming on chicken jerky jazz and long walks on the beach.